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About Me

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I am a human rights defender and changemaker

I started in community development and youth work almost 30 years ago, moving on to be a researcher, writer, trainer, strategy developer, impact assessor, programme planner, project manager, partnership builder and network weaver.

My work focuses on: self and collective care in a time of collective trauma; refugee and migration issues; human rights based approach; and compassionate conversations for social justice change.

I am a facilitator

  • Facilitating processes that promote more inclusive co-creation and shared ownership of human rights/social justice programmes and projects that are strategic and impactful

  • Facilitating platforms for changemakers and human rights defenders to share learning, build connections, and grow solidarity

  • Facilitating structured conversations to assess the ways our changemaking work has influenced change; and reflect on how much we walked the walk in our efforts

  • Facilitating participatory research that includes voices of those impacted by injustice

  • Facilitating safe and inclusive spaces for groups to explore the impact of the collective trauma and ways to embed collective care into work structures and practices
I strive to align all I do with my ethics and values. To that end, I draw on a range of group facilitation techniques and methodologies to ensure all I do is inclusive, safe, participatory and collaborative.

I am a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and I am skilled in their core competencies (which you can find here)